BTP - asset tagging system


Asset tagging for BeyondTrust's BTP cybersecurity platform.


Wireframes, user flows, visuals, and prototype.

The asset pages for the BTP platform were an integral part of the cybersecurity suite. Each asset had it's own profile. One of the important aspects here was that each asset needed tags associated with it for better management. Taking engineering constraints and existing design systems into account, I created a user flow for users to add existing and create new tags for the associated assets.

An integral part of the BTP security platform is the user's abaility to add tags to each asset. Each asset has a profile page associated with it. In this page, the user can add tags in the tags section.

This was accomplished via an overlay flyout. The reasoning behind this was to make it simpler, instead of directing the user to a new page. In this flyout, the user can search for any existing tags. The current tags are also displayed, so that the user can see what tags are already associated with the asset, as well as manage the tags directly. This way, the user has fewer steps to complete the task, instead of having to go into a separate management system to do so.

As the user searches for tags, the results are automatically populated. The user can then select which tags they want associated with the asset by checkboxes. Here, the user can select as many or as few tags aas they want.

Once the user selects the 'add to asset' button, a modal appears to confirm this action. Once confirmed, the tags are added to the asset and the flyout dialog closes. Should no existing tags be found via search, the user is prompted with the option to 'create a new tag'.

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