MCI Semiconductor Insights


Web application for DuPont's semiconductor group.


UX Strategy, wireframes, user flows, visuals, and prototype

The DuPont MCI Semiconductor Insights web application was created due to the difficulty that their semiconductor group had with gathering data needed to make integral business decisions. This application scraped data from the web and allowed users to manually upload data, at which point the system would generate data visualizations in the dashboard system for the end users. This allowed the analysts to make more informed choices quicker.

Most of the initial layout and structure was designed around assumptions from a similar, existing application the DuPont had created. Because of this, I set out to determine what the current user experience was and how the semiconductor group was doing this work.

Speaking with stakeholders in the group, I determined how they were going about collecting this data as well as how they were displaying this. By doing this, I established that they were currently going to various client and competitor websites and compiling asset and inventory data by hand, mostly from financial reports. Working with engineering, we determined that it would be possible to scrape these websites and financial disclosures for the data and automate this process.

Researching what the existing data gathering and display they were doing, I was able to determine what necessary data they needed to display and more importantly, how it should be displayed. Showing the various trend lines, users would be able to make better business decisions on how to allocate resources. I also determined that we needed to add increased functionality to this system, so that the users could export the data sets into documents that they could present to other stakeholders and business leaders.

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